White Haze, Black Gaze

2020 Solo Exhibition, PhD examination fulfilment requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, held at William Mora Galleries, Richmond. Principal supervisor Professor Estelle Barrett, Louise Johnson and Dr Shelley Hannigan. With thanks and gratitude to William and Anna Mora. Deakin University and in particular Nikeri for supporting me on this journey.

The aim of this research project was to use contemporary art practices as a research tool to investigate and examine postcolonial issues that hindered the traditional practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

I emphasise and extend understandings of how both the colonial and male gaze continue to have an impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women today. Whilst this research was informed by postcolonial and feminist thinking, the objective is to present Aboriginal female identity and culture, though contemporary art practice as research.

The symbols that have emerged through this research act as a shield that holds multiple meanings intended to break down barriers and connect us all in ways that are not obvious.
I have seen through this process, the similarity between symbols, especially the tree of knowledge across many religions and cultures. Such a realisation confirms that we are all connected to the same knowledge in some way.