dea & lea designs

kunuwarra the black swan of lake wendouree

smoking, cleansing fabric

diamond and circle symbols waratah/ summer

black and white, circle and diamond contemporary marks

fire season smoking, cleansing and healing

dea & lea

Dea & Lea are childhood friends from Ballarat. Lea is currently living in Mount Eliza and working as a Fashion Designer, since the age of sixteen. Dea, still lives on her ancestral Country of Ballarat and has also exhibited and made art since the early age of sixteen. Both have stayed true to their dreams. Their favourite childhood memory is of sitting in the fields of wild daffodils in Gordon. Both Dea and Lea are committed to Fashion that speaks of Art, Culture and the human existence of life as seen through our eyes.

When an opportunity arose in 2018 for the two to work together for the first time, they jumped at it. Having been invited to exhibit at Business of Design Week in Hong Kong, 2018, resulting in a collaboration, that continues today.

A Kulin Season Scarf Collection is available through Dea’s Designs and the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Along with a collaborative Kimono Collection, available as a pre order item through this website. Please allow up to four weeks delivery on some items. Kimono’s are currently available in two colours and sizes: 8 – 12 and 14 – 20, with most sizes fitting all.

Lea is also available to create any dresses seen on this website, or as one off bespoke garments for special occasions or everyday wear, including tops, dresses, jackets and pants. Lea can be contacted directly by email: @corde_macrame Instagram.


kulin seasons range black swan

kulin seasons range murnong fabric

kulin seasons range orchids – black

kulin seasons range orchids – white

Red and Black Diamond and Circle Waratah

kulin seasons range waratah bouquet

kulin seasons range black & white circle & diamond

kulin seasons range smoking ceremony

kulin seasons range blood moon

kulin seasons range banksias